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Marooned In Paradise

by | 30th, December 2005

‘HERE’S a novel way to prolong your next trip abroad and turn it into a two-centre holiday.

The Sun tells the story of 53-year-old Lancashire man who jetted off in search of some winter sun in Tenerife.

What he did there we are not told. But we imagine alcohol was involved because when the unnamed man boarded the plane home he was drunk.

And when Flight ZB558 to Manchester took off, the man began to rant. As the Airbus A321 cruised at 35,000ft, the man became abusive to fellow passengers and the flight staff.

He was refused more drink, but still his wild ways continued. There was noting else for it. He would be dropped off, marooned if you will, at the nearest island.

As a police spokesman on the sun-kissed island of Porto Santo says: “He was shouting at other passengers and provoking trouble. He was refused any more to drink but the captain decided not to proceed to Tenerife but to come to our island.”

A quick bit of research informs us that Port Santo (the name translates into English as “blessed port”) lies 37km to the Northeast of Madeira. It produces a sweet and potent wine. Visitors can fill their days with tennis, windsurfing and mini-golf. And, according to the official website, “the island’s main attraction is a beach nine kilometres long, washed by a deliciously calm, limpid, deep-blue sea”.

Who wouldn’t want to go there? So while the drunk’s 211 fellow passengers departed to snowy Blighty, our raving lunatic was left “stranded” on this paradise.

Where he will doubtless review his life and reconsider his ways over a glass of chilled wine…’

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