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Fairy Enough

by | 2nd, January 2006

‘“WHERE’S the fairy?”

I have no idea where the fairy was, is or where she’ll be appearing next year. All I know is that I passed a chunk of the holidays sat directly in front of a young girl who found this to be the most pressing question of the age.

“Where’s the fairy?” she asked. And by the seventeenth time of asking, neither she nor I were any the wiser.

You will wonder why it I didn’t leave the auditorium. But I could not. Our proprietor, Young Old Mr Anorak, was adamant that I was to take his fragrant wife to see the pantomime.

She has an affinity for the stage – it being on such a raised platform, or podium, that she first clapped eyes on dear YOMA – and wanted to see the show.

So there I was. And there wasn’t the fairy. Although I shall endeavour to find her. And I’ll be looking in all the usual places.

Here’s to 2006. And finding that fairy…’

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