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by | 3rd, January 2006

‘FEW Londoners and visitors to the place can have failed to notice the enormous pill box that occupies one end of smart Grosvenor Square. It’s the US Embassy. And it is ghastly.

But this carbuncle has nothing on what the brightest minds at the US Government’s architectural bureau are planning for Baghdad.

As the Mirror reports, the new US embassy will cost more than £1billion and, as a US source in the Middle East says, it will be “more secure than The Pentagon”.

And it can’t be built soon enough. Since Saddam Hussein was ousted and all those statues of the indomitable tyrant hauled down, there have been too few landmarks in the Iraqi capital.

Something needs to be done. So to rival New York’s Statue of Liberty, Paris’s Eiffel Tower and Sydney’s Opera House, Baghdad will soon boast a humungous pile of cement, fortified glass and very possibly a moat.

The US embassy will be a beacon of light in a dark land, an indelible sign of American confidence. It will do for Baghdad what it has done for one corner of London…’

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