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Boar War

by | 5th, January 2006

‘IT’S our sad duty to report that Toga, the penguin who was taken from a zoo on the Isle of White in the days before Christmas, has not been found.

And it’s news that comes as a surprise to us. Surely all those hunting types no longer able to hunt foxes would relish the chance to track down something as exotic as a penguin.

But for some reason, hunters have yet to saddle up their horses, summon the hounds and bray “Talky ho!” as they search for young Toga.

But hunters are being put to use. Two weeks ago, animal activists freed 60 wild boar from Alan Dedames’ Woodland Wild Boar Farm, Devon.

The framer wanted his livestock back, and locals were less than thrilled about wild animals with razor-sharp tusks living in the area. The beasts had to be caught.

So the hunt was summoned. As the Express says, members of the Dulverton Farmers Hunt joined forces with the Taw Vale Beagle Hunt to search for the hairy pigs.

But this was in no way sport. The pigs would not be slaughtered – that for later, when they’ve settled back into farm life and been lulled into a false sense of security.

It was only by way of precaution that 100 huntsmen and followers, accompanied by 20 men on quad bikes – some with shotguns – went looking for the escapees.

And then, as the Mail reports, a sign was spotted. “Can you show us what you’re looking at?” asked a TV cameraman. Farmer and animal tracker Geoff Cox surveyed the mud and looked at the media type. “You’ve just trodden in it…” he replied.

That one got away. But an 18-month male was spotted. And, as luck had it, the creature made his way back home under his own steam.

“It’s brilliant,” says Mr Dedames in the Express. “He went straight back into the enclosure as well. He ran back totally by himself.”

That’s encouraging news for those of us concerned for Toga. With the right inducement, he might yet make like a boar and go home.

Mass the hounds. Sound the hunting horn. Load the guns. It’s time to flush Toga out…’

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