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Moss Turns Grass

by | 5th, January 2006

‘SO much for Primrose Hill, that London enclave of celebrity and coffee shops built around what appears to be a huge mound of dog poo. As the Sun says: “Primrose Hill mob get axe.”

This is not a headline to be taken literally. This celebrity set has not been offed by a madman – it’s been just been given the chop by Kate Moss.

The Sun says that British police are urging Moss to return to Blighty. “BRITAIN’S MOSS WANTED,” says the Sun on its front page – an, er, “EXCLUSIVE” story that also features on the Mail’s cover.

“TAKE ME TO YOUR DEALER,” says the Sun. Police want to know who supplies cocaine to the showbiz elite, and the boys in blue believe Moss may be able to help them.

“For everybody’s sake, and for her to move on, the sooner she speak to us the better,” says Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur in the Mail.

But Moss has already moved on. She’s in the United States. And, as we said earlier in the piece, she’s cut her old pals from her life.

Just listen as a friend of the model tells the Sun: “Basically, she is now only talking to the sober people in England.”

That development could make it easy for the cops to spot the wrongdoers – they’re the ones no longer speaking to Kate.

Only, given this country’s culture of binge drinking and the popularity of drugs (recreational and prescription), Moss’s new contacts book may be as slim as her frame…’

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