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Fool’s Paradise

by | 6th, January 2006

‘ACCORDING to Which?, the consumer affairs outfit, we Brits are being fleeced in scams worth £1billion a year.

Not you, of course. We speak of those other Brits, the kind of dolts who reply to an email sent by a Nigerian Prince desperate to use their bank accounts to deposit his many millions of oil cash in.

The sort of people who need only sell eight gold hearts to their friends and family at a grand apiece, and encourage their customers to repeat the process ad infinitum to be richer than Nigeria’s Prince Lanssana Kuyembeh.

You know, the slow ones who haven’t twigged that you can get rich playing the Lotto and fiddling the benefits system.

You are far too smart to fall for a scam. Your brain is like a finely tuned machine. And it’s just got a whole load better now you’re giving it a good clear out. You, my clever friend, are detoxing.

Detoxing is what clever people do. The kind of people who call premium rate phone numbers to claim a prize they have little chance of winning drink water from the tap. You detox with a tincture of nettle root extract and oxygenated water.

People who respond to notices that they have won a massive jackpot on the lottery and need only to hand over, say, £50,000 to release the funds, go for walks. You replenish the life force in a pair of detox socks.

People who think they can get something for nothing eat apples, pears and cucumber. You slip into a detox body wrap.

The world is chockfull of gullible fools. Just be thankful that you’re not one of them…’

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