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by | 9th, January 2006

‘WHEN we read that London had been awarded the 2012 Olympics because an IOC delegate had pressed the wrong button at voting time, we wondered.

Might it be that the delegate had pressed correctly, but had been let down by faulty workmanship. Had his button been badly wired?

We may never know. And if our fears are founded in fact, we can all try and ensure that such a thing never occurs again.

For this reason we’re backing London’s bid to host the Skills Olympics in 2011.

Before we go on, we should like say a little about this global event which brings together hundreds of young tradesmen (entry is open to anyone aged 22 and under).

Every two years, the world’s most skilled youths compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in vocational trades, such as panel beating, beauty therapy and plumbing.

How points are awarded is not stated, but fans tuning in for the 2007 Games in Shizuoka, Japan, should look out for sections in tea making, wolf whistling and sucking on a pencil.

As the Times reports, for the right to host the event, now called the Worldskills tournament, London will have to see off the challenges of Nantes, Melbourne and Gothenburg.

This is a big deal. And to help the cause Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, will today be hosting a lunch held in honour of two judges who sit on the tournament’s organising board.

And if – miracle of miracles – Ken is not enough to close the deal, the duo will then be treated to an evening reception with Gordon Brown, the Chancellor.

(After a day with those two, we imagine the judges will agree to anything, so long as they are allowed to leave.)

It will then be squeaky bum time as the judge’s deliberate and prepare to vote…’

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