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An Iron Will

by | 9th, January 2006

‘DID the same people who shot JFK and faked the moon landings off Princess Diana? The Express has yet to investigate this possibility, but surely one day it must.

For now all we get is the front-page headline: “DIANA ‘DEATH SQUAD’ RIDDLE.” It seems French detectives still looking into the case of Diana’s death are keen to speak with a three “top” MI6 figures who were in Paris the night Di died.

They are also eager to hear from readers who can assist the investigation by replying via their phones to the question: “Do you think MI6 are hiding the truth over Diana’s death?”

Before you dial, consider the power of the Secret Intelligence Service. It might be best to drive to a busy city centre and dial the Express’s poll from a public payphone. There is, after all, a “death squad” at large; and the Express can’t afford to lose any readers.

Meanwhile, Prince William, Diana’s eldest son, could be embarking on Stage 1 of his own private investigation into his mother’s untimely demise.

One way to discover the truth is for the Express to have a man on the inside. So, as the paper reports, Wills has joined the Army. And yesterday he arrived at Sandhurst to begin his military career.

“Bye, Pa,” shouted the heir to the throne as his father, Prince Charles, was driven away by persons unknown.

It was time for Wills to get to work. The Mail says Officer Cadet Wales will rise from his pit at dawn, iron shirts, polish boots, do his laundry and march up and down.

For the first five weeks of the 44-week course, Wills will be unable to leave barracks.

And there is little chance of his being able to move freely within the college’s walls. As the Sun reports, Wills is surrounded by a crack squad of soldiers and royal protection officers all day and night.

These troops will stop anyone getting to Wills – and prevent Wills and whatever information he can gather from getting out…’

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