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The Curate’s Egg

by | 9th, January 2006

‘IT’S unlikely most of us will ever be invited around to dip a soldier of toast into a painted boiled egg at Tamara Beckwith’s Chelsea townhouse.

So it’s just as well the 36-year-old socialite decided, in her infinite wisdom, to throw open the doors to said house and let us all take a gander. Tamara is nothing if not a good egg.

Though Tamara is something of the egghead when it comes to good design – she never hired an interior designer – even she realises that her home’s decor not to everyone’s taste.

Standing in the house’s versatile sitting room, eyes are drawn to the black floor, huge mirror, shiny black fireplace and flashes of gold.

The sofa and chairs were, as Hello! tells us, originally gilded. It was Tamara who had them painted black. “A lot of men wouldn’t go for that, but Giorgio was quite up for it,” says she, making reference to one Giorgio Veroni, her current flame.

Far be it from us to teach a style guru like Tamara to suck eggs, but the mixture of polished black, egg-white and mirrors imbues her home with the spirit and look of a toilet in a 1980s nightclub.

But Tamara’s pad is something of the curate’s egg; it might be a bad egg, but parts of it are egg-cellent.

And we particularly like the bed, an item Tamara rightly thinks worthy of special comment. “If there was a terrible flood I could just sail away in it,” says she. “It’s like a boat.”

And, as sure as eggs are eggs, it is, albeit without the sails, crew and backdrop supplied by one of the swankier parts of the French Riviera…’

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