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Doubles All Round

by | 12th, January 2006

‘IS beer good for the brain? It’s just that we’ve been watching the British Darts Organisation World Championship and have yet to see any of the dartists fail to calculate the best way to hit their target score in three darts or less.

Of course, our opening question could be seen to smack of prejudice. Darts has moved with the times and we should broaden the argument to take in other drinks, like lager, cider and alcopops.

But the premise remains – is the hedonistic lifestyle of some of our biggest sportsmen conducive to being good at sums (darts doyen Bobby ‘Mr Glitter’ George has two fridges in his bedroom to keep the chocolate he likes to eat at night chilled; Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham’s used to guzzle 25 bottles of beer a day.

And it’s not only we who are thinking such thoughts. The Mirror reports that Education Minister Phil ‘The Good’ Hope is of the opinion that darts sharpens the mind.

Stepping up to the oche, Phil makes his views known. “You need to know your maths if you’ve got two darts left and want to win the match,” says he.

“Darts, whether you’re watching or playing, can show people how useful maths can be in sports and life.”

Agility might not be the word that spins to mind when considering darts, but the players’ minds are limber and as sharp as the tips on their arrows.

Which means it could be time to bring darts into the classroom. Or to take the kids to the darts.

Let’s see how fast the scholars can work out the price of two double snowballs, a lager top, five shandies and a brandy and fizzy orange before sir hits his double top…’

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