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Bacon Flashers

by | 13th, January 2006

‘YOU all know the problem. You stumble to the kitchen in the morning, yank open the fridge door and find the little yellow light out of action.

Nonetheless, you plough on, picking out what you believe are the ingredients for a delicious breakfast. You chuck everything in a bowl, pour over what you believe to be milk and settle down to a delicious breakfast of last night’s curry leftovers, stuffed olives and lettuce drenched in ice cold fizzy orange.

But no more. Thanks to brainiacs in Taiwan, your morning pile of bacon rashers now glows of its own accord. All hail the dayglo pig!

The Express has a shot of one of these prototype pigs going about its piggy ways in daylight hours. Aside from a yellow snout, it looks much like any other pig. But when a florescent light is shone on it at night, as the Mail shows, Babe glows a vivid green.

As Professor Wu Shinn-Chih, who worked on the luminous pig project, boasts: “Even their hearts and internal organs are green.”

And the move is not just good news for bacon lovers with faulty refrigerators, but also for the scientists who say that since the animals’ genetic material is so easy to see the pigs can be used to study human diseases.

And as really great novelty torches…’

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