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Bomber Harris

by | 25th, January 2006

‘HOW well do you know your birds?

It might be an arm to Tim, but to Harris and her chicks it’s lunch’

The Sun ponders the question. It considers the evidence. And it concludes that the bird on the left is a lesser spotted Becky and the bird on the right a greater crested Danni.

Correct. And correct. But there is more to birds than the big chested variety.

As the Mail reports, birds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some have feathers, four-foot wingspans, talons, beaks and an appetite for small boys called Timothy Mills.

There’s nine-year-old Timothy in the paper, his newly scarred and scabby face appearing alongside a shot of what the Mail confidently says is a Harris Hawk.

And around both shots of boy and bird is the story of how Harris bombed Timothy as the lad cycled in Marton, Blackpool. Harris swooped on the boy’s head and sank its talons into his face.

To prove how bad this attack was, the Express invites Timothy to hold up for the camera the bloodstained England rugby shirt he was wearing at the time. Job done – therapist booked – Timothy tells all.

“It was horrible,” says he. “It’s talons were all over me on my forehead, my cheeks, and just under my eye.”

Happily, the bird was not as strong as it thought it was and Timothy was not carried off to its nest to be devoured by young birds, known in the ornithology world as chicks.

The hawk, a captive bird, has now been put down.

But surely this is a cautionary tale, an ugly portent of things to come. Whether by flu or direct assault, birds are turning on humans.

It’s time to take cover – under a small boy…’

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