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Eviction Night

by | 26th, January 2006

‘COR! What some people will do for Palestine, eh? Anorak Towers was fully manned last night as we hit the phones and did our bit for the Middle East peace process by having George Galloway outed like a LibDem leadership contender.

However, all was for nought. Our toil was, sadly, in vain. Galloway has clearly tapped into a rich vein of emotion and we found to our eternal disappointment that the Big Brother eviction phone lines were jammed.

George might not have got our vote, but we are delighted to help the cause and see what the papers are saying about the man who dared.

And the word on the Star’s street is “PRAT”. In a front-page piece entitled “PRAT’S YOUR LOT”, the Star says that Galloway faces ruin.

The 51-year-old MP was evicted form the Big Brother house to a chorus of boos and the news that he now faces a probe by the Serious Fraud Office.

Not since viewers watched former England football manager Graham Taylor’s career implode in a fly-on-the-wall documentary has a man been so destroyed by the magic box.

But the camera never lies, and the Star says that having seen Galloway in action, in a red leotard, in a box-cut leather jacket and in middle-aged denim, he is the most hated celebrity in the history of the Big Brother show. That’s some title.

But before George can cash in his notoriety and appear in pantomime as Aladdin’s nemesis Abanaza, or advertise cat food, he surely needs to relinquish his current job as a paid up member of the political elite.

And the Sun is happy to facilitate his change of career. “NO RESPECT,” screams the paper’s front-page headline, “25,000 call for hated Galloway to resign as MP.”

It seems 25,000 Sun readers gave signed a petition calling on Galloway to resign his seat. The petition calls on Parliament’s Standards Commissioner to investigate Galloway over “his grotesque behaviour on TV”.

Much as we’d like to see Galloway embark on his new career as the face of Go Cat Tuna Herring and Vegetables we struggle to see how wearing a toupee, dressing up as Dracula and smoking bar him politics.

Indeed, looking at the Tory benches – featuring the likes of Michael Fabricant, Michael Howard and Ken Clarke – we suggest Galloway has just hitched his colours to the wrong mast.

With 64.7 per cent of the popular vote behind him, Galloway may yet flourish in the hallowed halls of Westminster…’

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