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by | 27th, January 2006

‘WE are not worthy. But no matter – pop singer Bono is more worthy than the rest of us put together.

In his mission to save the world in pink-tinted glasses, Bono is launching a fashion range that will help the fight against Aids.

“We’ve come up with a sexy, smart, savvy idea that will save people’s lives,” says Bono in the Sun, displaying a rare mastery of the language of marketing.

“It’s conscious commerce for people who think about their spending power and say ‘I’ve got two jeans I can buy. One is made in Africa and is going to make a difference and the other isn’t. What am I going to buy?”

Hmmm? It’s a tough choice. Do you go for the jeans made in an impoverished part of the world or get the branded ones made in a sweatshop in mega-rich China?

Good job Bono’s on hand to help us decide…’

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