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Milk Snatchers

by | 30th, January 2006

‘TAP! Tap! Tap! That’s the sound of those bureaucrats at the EU chipping away at our British way of life.

It’s the creme fraiche man?

Already they’ve taken our patriotic pounds and our island-race inches and, buoyed by those successes, are now plotting to strip us of our honest pints.

The Mail says that the traditional pinta is under threat from the EU which wants to replace it with litre and half-litre bottles.

For your information, the Mail says that a half litre of milk is 64millilitres smaller than a pint for milk, prompting “fears” that customers will be short-changed.

What’s this about 64millitres? Has the world gone stark, raving bonkers?

Once the Mail goes the way of the metric masses, we are surely racing pell-mell to Hell in Marcel’s handcart.

For shame!’

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