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Not So Fair Coppers

by | 30th, January 2006

‘HANDS up who wants to join the Gloucestershire Constabulary. No need to put both hands up, just the one will do.

Sadly, there are just 192 vacancies, and with 301 applicants that means 109 rejects.

The Mail does the maths, and duly also notes that all 109 rejects are white men. The paper also notes that every black, Asian or female applicant has been invited for an assessment.

And the father of one of the male IC1 rejects is less than happy. “Political correctness, I think they call it,” says he. “But I call it an absolute disgrace.”

Having trotted out two of the Mail’s favourite phrases in quick succession, the paper gives the other side of the argument.

Readers hear that the Force is obliged by law to reflect the community it serves. And that means more black, Asian and women officers.

Assistant chief constable Michael Matthews calls it “positive action”. He says it’s the “only realistic way of ensuing we maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.”

And the result of this latest recruitment initiative is that for the 192 jobs on offer, 129 females and ethnic minority applicants and 63 white males went through.

Mail readers may well blanch still whiter at the results. But surely the paper has missed the biggest story – aren’t we amazed how many non-white male applicants want to work for an “institutionally racist” and male-dominated police service?’

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