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Moss Rolls In

by | 1st, February 2006

‘STAY indoors. Draw the curtains. Lock the doors and bar the windows. If you must venture out, only make journeys if they are absolutely necessary. Kate Moss is back!

‘Am I bovvered?’

The Sun’s front page warns that cocaine Kate has returned to Blighty.

For fashion watchers, Kate is dressed in dark glasses, back headband, pale yellow coat, black top and matching trousers (all believed to be model’s own). She’s spotted making her way to meet the police (dark blue tunic, dome-shaped blue hat with hard insert and flashing light, black boots, black truncheon).

Once in the company of the cops, Moss spent 80-minutes being grilled on her involvement with cocaine – allegations that she has used the drug began when the Mirror published pictures of Moss apparently taking cocaine in a London recording studio back on September 15 2005.

Over in the Mirror, the paper that scooped its rivals with the news story “Model takes cocaine” – a story that rivalled “Humpty Dumpty Falls From Wall” and “Katie Price – My Jordans Are False” for raw shock value – there’s news of what occurred in the police interview room.

Says the Mirror: “In a 90-minute interview yesterday she refused to comment on a video apparently showing her taking the drug. She was not arrested.” Said police: “This probe is not over.”

But the Sun thinks it is over. It says Moss has enacted “THE GREAT ESCAPE” and hears one cop admit that the case against Moss is “a dead duck”.

But the Star is less certain. It says that police are to prepare a report for the Crown Prosecution Service. The CPS will study the case against Moss and decide what to do next.

And the judiciary must tread carefully. The Star says that we should nor get “starstruck”. “This is a really important investigation into serious claims of cocaine dealing.”

Just as the Star’s more prominent story on how chav-tastic Coleen McLoughlin’s new pet Maltese terrier wears a pink hoodie is a comment on corruption in British football…’

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