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by | 1st, February 2006

‘BARELY a year goes past without someone from Oslo writing in and asking, “Why-oh-why don’t you feature more stories on Norway?”

‘I went to London and all I got was a plastic policeman’s helmet’

Well, today is that day when Oslo hits the headlines, albeit one smallish headline buried towards the middle of the Mail.

And the news is that Oslo is the world’s most expensive city. According to a survey conducted by something called the Economist Intelligence Unit, you guys are No. 1.

Not since Nocturne famously romped to victory in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest have the people of Norway had so much cause for celebration.

But before the dancing and elk playing can begin, the Mail wants everyone to listen to what Oslo’s tourist board spokesman Henna Puolanaen has to say. Says she: “You get what you pay for. Oslo might be the most expensive city centre but it is also one of the best cities to live in.

“Where else boasts ski resorts half-an-hour away, skating in the city centre and nature reserves very close, too?”

Good question. And by way of an answer we offer up Sheffield – with its Ski Village, iced-over puddles and Peak District National Park.

But let’s not steal the limelight from Oslo. As Nocturne so succinctly put it all those moons ago: “La dagen fÃ¥, Sin hvile nÃ¥, Og natten vil vÃ¥ke for den Nocturn.”


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