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The Price Is Right

by | 2nd, February 2006

‘PSST! Wanna buy a Jordan. What about two of them? A pair of Jordans? They could be yours for the right price.

The Sun says that Katie Andre plans to flog off her gargantuan Jordans in an internet auction.

Katie says that giving birth to sons Harvey and Junior has sent her best pals the way of her singing career – down. She now wants to have an operation to make them “more pert”.

Speaking to DJ Chris Moyles on Radio 1, Katie outlines her vision for the future. “I’m having them reduced because I want them a bit more pert. I’ve had them eight years now. So it’s time for a new pair and I’ll sell this lot on eBay.”

That’s terrific news for Katie’s fans – although perhaps not so marvellous for the mo-del’s pint-sized husband Peter, who may by forced by his health insurers to wear eye protectors when in close proximately to his uplifted wife.

And so to the auction, in which the bidding war is sure to be keen and desperate – who would not want a pair of Jordans of their very own?

And whoever is lucky enough to own the Jordans will find them extremely useful. Indeed, their new owner will wonder how they ever managed to get through life without a pair of his ‘n’ hers bouncy castles…’

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