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by | 3rd, February 2006

‘ONE man’s pornography is another man’s advert for feminine hair removal.

Sex with cashback

But we all of us understand the limits. And we are appalled and saddened to read in the Sun of the woman who managed to buy a hardcore “PORN” film from Woolworths.

The DVD title said ‘My Little Pony’, but when mum Fatima Laaroussi took it home and played it, she was horrified to see that Rainbow Swirl pony has mutated into a naked women surrounded by a bevy of naked donkeys.

While Woolworths investigate that – and pornography enthusiasts wonder where they can get such a DVD for a mere £1.99 – the Sun brings more stories of how porn has become mainstream.

Pretty much the last place you’d think of discovering pornography – other than in the pix ‘n’ mix section at Woolworths – is the bank.

But when Royal Bank of Scotland’s customers read the company’s leaflet and duly rang their bank about the new chip and pin cards, they were greeted by an unexpected kind of recorded message.

A woman’s voice was heard inviting customers to “get down and dirty with the best phone *** ever”.

No mention of withdrawals, deposits and other vital banking information, just the promise that, “If you want to talk to the dirtiest girls one to one, charged directly to your credit card, press ‘1’. Otherwise, do nothing and I will put you through to our other hardcore services.”

Customers were understandable horrified. How dare this bank, no less than a Royal institution, induce its customers to use their credit cards in such a manner without telling them of the APR and the handling fee on balance transfers!

Rightly, the bank is sorry. “We apologise for any embarrassment this has caused,” says a spokesman for the bank, who then went on to talk about a need to be punished for being so very, very naughty…’

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