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by | 6th, February 2006


A selection of things that will kill you and yours from this week’s paper…


“TICK HERE TO END YOUR LIFE” – No, not a subscription to the Mail, but news how we will all be offered the right to die by ticking a box on a Government form

“EU ON ALERT AS BIRD FLU HITS CYPRUS” – Poultry in northern Cyprus have been found in possession of the H5N1 virus


“Maternity unit where three women died in four months” – Life and death at the Royal Bolton Hospital

“CAN YOU CATCH CANCER?” – Yes? No? Dunno. Just get a load of the Mail’s headline of the year

“HEALTHY? NO WAY! Dried fruit with added fat. Seed mix with as much sugar as a Mars bar. And salad with more salt that McDonald’s chops. The disturbing truth about those ‘healthy’ foods”


“KILLED BY ONE SWEET – Girl, 12, with nut allergy picked a brazil by mistake”

“Genetic screening ‘could harm health for designer babies’” – Human Genetic Commission is worried that testing embryos created through IVF for genetic defects might harm baby

“STARVE TO DEATH – “In this shocking dispatch, a Mail writer who spent a month undercover as a care worker in a outwardly comfortable old folk’s homes reveals how residents are literally being starved to death. Her words MUST be read by anyone thinking of placing a relative in care”

“Teenagers ‘made more aggressive by cannabis” – So says study by Dr Karin Monshouwer of the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction


“Drugs tested on babies tested only on adults”

“The health supplements that aren’t what they seem” – Government’s food watchdog says half of all food supplements contain irradiated ingredients

“My cancer nightmare – Mixed-up X-rays left father of two in fear for his life” – Trevor Thomas was told that he might well have cancer, later to find out he had been wrongly diagnosed


“1,000 heart patients hit by blunder” – A technician misread results at Fairfield General Hospital, Bury’

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