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by | 6th, February 2006

‘CONGRATULATIONS to the Sun for winning the Press’s weekly contest to see which publication can be first to utter the phrase “political correctness gone mad”.

Death to the bun! Kill the rock cakes!!

The phrase is used in the context of the paper’s story on hot cross buns.

Head teacher Tina Jackson, of The Oaks primary school in Ipswich, has asked caterers who supply her school with hot cross buns to remove the crosses.

Jackson is worried that icing the religious symbol atop a mere bun will offend some of her pupils.

Says she: “For our students who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, hot cross buns are not part of their beliefs. We decided to have the cross removed in respect to their beliefs.”

Jackson fails to say what will happen to the removed crosses – perhaps they’ll be airdropped into Iraq – or what will happen should the face of Jesus appear in the butter or jam on one of these secular buns.

We await future developments with a rare appetite…’

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