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No Yolk

by | 7th, February 2006

‘THE Muslim fundamentalists who paraded outside the Danish embassy in London talked of beheading, killing, slaughtering and just about anything else that brings death to the enemy.

Take one egg into the shower?

But such vehement raging misses the mark. It’s just so very foreign. If the nutters want to instil fear in all our hearts, they should turn things down a little. Whisper more. Shout less.

Or just chuck an egg. Being hit by a raw egg is not nice. It’s cold. The yolk runs down your neck. The dry cleaner eyes the stains with suspicion. You might catch salmonella poisoning.

But throwing an egg is so very, well, British. And one has been thrown. As the Times reports on its front page, Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, has been hit by a live one.

Inside the paper, over no fewer than three stills – a masterclass in egging – Mike Downs, 44, is pictured slapping an egg onto Kelly’s head.

Yes, slapping. Downs thought better of launching the farm-produced explosive from distance, perhaps wary to repeating the mistake of Simon Wilmot-Coverdale, 35, who had thrown an egg at Kelly in April last year and missed.

It was in connection with that attack that Kelly had cause to visit Salford magistrates court. She was scheduled to give evidence against Wilmot-Coverdale, a Fathers4Justice campaigner.

As it was, Kelly was not required to speak. The Guardian reports that the accused pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour, and trying to handcuff the Bolton West MP at a constituency election debate.

Wilmot-Coverdale was handed a two-month suspended sentence and 40 hours community service. He was ordered to pay £450 in costs and £250 to Kelly in compensation.

It was then, as Kelly left court, that Downs, representing Real Fathers 4 Justice, struck. Having been heard shouting ‘Justice for fathers, not paedophiles”, Downs, as the Telegraph reports, smashed the egg into the back of Kelly’s head.

Once more, we say this is not exactly pleasant. And rightly Downs was arrested.

But is it so very bad. As Kelly herself says: “This is just one of those things that comes with being a politician.’

So keep the vitriol and the bombs out of it. If you must throw something, grab an egg…’

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