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Road Rage

by | 8th, February 2006

‘“OUTRAGE,” screams the Sun. And, as ever, the paper is in tune with the mood of its readers. “They are the most shocking pictures I’ve seen since MICHAEL JACKSON dangled his tot from a hotel balcony,” says Sun showbiz writer Victoria Newton.

‘Abu Hamza made me do it’

Thankfully, having already seen and survived looking at the paper’s front-page shot of Abu Hamza, and having seen many pictures of Jackson and lived, we are hardened to the task.

Indeed, we are ready to consider the Mirror’s much larger front-page shot of this most shocking act. And here it is. “BRITNEY STEERS, says the Mirror “…with her baby in her lap.”

The picture shows the pop tart driving her black SUV with four-month-old Sean Preston perched on her lap. As one “horrified” onlooker says: “It was even more amazing because she looked so relaxed – as if it was the natural thing to do.”

At the promise of “MORE AMAZING PICTURES INSIDE”, we move on, and are affronted by another picture of the incident.

The proof seems damning. But Britney can explain. The Mail hears Britney say that Sean (here aged five months) had been securely restrained in his car seat while she drove to pick up coffee.

While her minder went inside the store for the drinks, Britney placed Sean on her lap. It was then that she noticed the snappers. Britney says it was “horrifying” and “frightful”. She wanted to get away.

As soon as the minder was back it the motor, Britney put her foot on the gas and made off – with Sean still on her lap.

“I was terrified they would put us in danger,” says Britney. “I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm’s way.”

Sounds plausible. But not to Newton of the Sun, who says she doesn’t believe Britney. “If she was that distressed then why was she happily posing on the red carpet at a glitzy bash in Hollywood?” she asks.

We can’t say. Perhaps she was in shock? Perhaps she was too traumatised to move? Perhaps she was just waiting for Sean to drive by and pick her up..?’

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