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Identity Crisis

by | 10th, February 2006

‘THE Government’s plan to introduce ID cards on a voluntary basis and then make them compulsory at a later date is being reassessed.

The usual suspects

Tony Blair would probably volunteer to carry a card. A few Cabinet Ministers might too. And anyone else who wants to spend £93 on an official piece of plastic that tells them their name and hair colour could get one as well.

In total, by our calculation – and mind that this is only a rough guesstimate – eight cards will be issued to paying punters (and that includes Tony, Cherie and their four children).

After a trial period, the Commons will vote on whether or not the cards should become compulsory. But a vote in favour of the cards is surely a shoo-in. How can it fail? Tony enjoys a huge majority.

But our leader is taking no chances. So, as the Independent says, the Commons vote is to be ruled out.

In what the paper sees as an attempt to save Tony Blair from another embarrassing defeat at the hands of rebel MPs, Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, will tell Labour’s spring conference in Blackpool of Plan B – there will need to be a separate Act of Parliament before the new cards can be made compulsory.

Having been defeated in the recent Commons vote on the Religious Hatred Bill, Blair is treading carefully.

Even without ID cards, he knows who his enemies are…’

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