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Dead Set

by | 12th, February 2006


A selection of things that will kill you and yours from the paper that (s)cares…


“How expanding waistlines are putting children at risk” – “Children are fatter then ever”

“The cannabis savage. Heiress left for dead by friend crazed on ‘soft’ drug” – Lisa Voice, 52, was beaten by a boy she’d known for more than a year

“Cordless phones ‘could raise risk of brain tumours’” – So say researchers in Sweden

“Pesticides ‘buffer zone’ for farms is abandoned” – Despite a Royal Commission concluding last year that “spraying fields was a potential health risk and could be responsible for diseases including cancer, Parkinson’s and ME”, the five-yard buffer zones around farms are to be done away with


DONL’T CONDEMN ME TO DEATH” – Says the Mail’s big front-page headline. “Breast-cancer victim Marie Rogers pleaded with the High Court to let her continue taking “wonder drug” Herceptin

“We STILL don’t know if MMR is safe (And even one of our top vaccine experts admits it)

“Half of hospitals fail to hit MRSA targets”

“A facial twitch was ruining my life. The only answer was to drill a hole in my head” – Simon Scott takes us through his hemifacial spasm operation

“Make no mistake. The NHS can kill – Forceps left in the patient. A transplant with the wrong set of lungs. As a new report catalogues hospital blunders…”


“The car home failures – More than a million staff will need training for registration scheme as Government admits many ‘are not up to the job’”

“Baby who cried for 7 weeks (because doctors missed his dislocated shoulder”)


“BABIES TO GET 25 VACCINES” – not in one go, but still the Mail says there are fears of “immunisation overload”

“They told Lisa she was cured. Now she may die, poisoned by radiation” – Cancer patient Lisa Norris, 15, was given overdoses of radiation at each of her 17 radiotherapy sessions

“The medical blunders that ruin dozens of lives” – Featuring the home circumcision carried out on the wrong child at the wrong address


“Why the women of Britain die before their time” – Women in the UK live to an average of 80.9 years; their European counterparts on average live to 81.1

”Care home nightmare. Pensioner whose weight dropped to 6st because of neglect wins payout” – Lily Leatham can book that cruise’

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