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Shooting Party

by | 14th, February 2006

‘FOR a nation that gets its kicks from laughing at video tapes of people diving headfirst into empty swimming pools and getting their hair caught up in ceiling fans, we’ve been awfully prudish about the latest home videos from Iraq.

Perhaps if Kirsty Gallagher had presented the footage of a group of laugh-a-minute squaddies beating up some Iraqi kids we’d just have laughed. And they’d have got £200 for the kitty.

Instead, we read in the Telegraph that the soldier believed to be the one behind the camera, the one heard egging on his colleagues to ever greater levels of brutality, has been arrested by the Ministry of Defence.

For you information, he’s called Corporal Martin Webster. He’s a member of the 1st Battalion Light Infantry. And he’s available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, beheadings, pub fights and more.

And, as the Times reports, several soldiers from the same regiment are also right now helping the Royal Military Police with their enquiries. As a spokesman for the RMP tells the Telegraph, this case is “top priority”.

Unless something more horrible and shameful takes precedence…’

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