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A Pox On Chicken

by | 20th, February 2006


A selection of things that will kill you and yours from this week’s paper of doom…


“Is this proof that cot death is caused by genetic defect?” – Scientists say babies with a brain abnormality may be less able to kick start their lungs when their breathing stops

“Jabs ‘overload’ fear after 18 children die” – That’s the number of babies and children to have died in the past four years after childhood vaccinations

“Panic in Italy as bird flu strikes” – Five wild swans in Italy test positive for deadly virus

“Nurseries ‘damage’ children under three – So says psychologist Steve Biddulph


“School bullies drove me to take an overdose” – Shona Hughes, 15, relives her ordeal

“40pc leap in mental illness caused by cannabis” – So say Health Service figures

“Did cyclist with an iPod not hear the lorry that killed her?” – Patricia McMillan may have not heard the lorry coming

“CANCER CURES OR QUACKERY – Posing as a cancer patient, our reporter sought help from five alternative therapists. The bizarre, dangerous and hugely expensive treatments he was offered make profoundly disturbing reading”

“I was a veggie until I was struck down by anaemia. There was only one solution – a nice juicy steak” – So says pop star Carol Decker


“Bird flu just 600 miles from UK as it reaches Germany”

“We’re more stressed than ever” – so says survey


“Yes, women really do have more headaches”

“Forest of ‘confusing road signs can cause crashes’ warns RAC” – LOOK OUT!

“The elderly really do die for love” – Researchers at Harvard Medical School say you can die of a broken heart

“Convinced she’s never find a man to father her own children and desperate for motherhood, Jill agreed to become a surrogate. Now, six babies and 14 years on, she realises – too late – the terrible price she’s paid for being…THE BABY MACHINE” – Rent-a-womb Jill Hawkins has clinical depression


“Malaria kills the girl who thought she was immune” – Matilda Cooper didn’t take her anti-malaria drugs while on a trip to see her dad in Uganda

“BIRD FLU: WILL ALL POULTRY GET JAB?” – What about the UK’s 150million birds?’

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