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Climate Of Fear

by | 20th, February 2006

‘WHAT can we believe? We ask in light of the Times’s front-page headline: “Is our weather really changing?”

Wigan 2007

In keeping with the trend for newspapers to set us up for disaster and then listen to experts telling us how it might not be so bad, or even worse, the Times announces: “Is our weather really changing?”

Explorer Tim Flannery tells the Times that he’s been here, there and everywhere in between and finds it hard to avoid evidence of climate change. But he hopes it will “sort itself out”.

For those who want to read more about the weather, the Times’s supplement, T2, asks the question on its front page: “Is our weather really changing?”

Questions. Questions. And more questions. How the papers like to ask questions. It could be argued that their job is to ask questions, and it is. But how nice it would be if they’d answer a few.

We’ve heard the evidence. And now we’ve heard more evidence. What’s it to be? Are things getting hotter? Colder?

Perhaps you can lick a finger, stick it out the window and see what you think…’

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