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Triple Tops

by | 23rd, February 2006

‘BECKY, Stephanie and Tiffanie Carrazana are identical. And after Becky’s boob job, they are still identical.

The Star features the triplets who each spent £2,600 to have their 34A busts inflated.

Seen posing in identical yellow bikinis, the sisters from Miami, Florida, are just delighted with their universal new look.

But there was a time when they didn’t look like clones from Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s clinic – Becky had to wait an extra four months for her surgery because she’d spent the cash on a car.

Says she: “I could see how good they looked and how they showed off my sister’s great figures. I couldn’t wait to get my operation done.”

Who needs drawings and virtual reality when you can see what you’ll look like post-surgery by checking out your siblings.

And then wonder why Becky is called Becky and not Beckie, in keeping with the family theme…’

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