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Treasure Chest

by | 24th, February 2006

‘KEIRA Knightly sure does get around. She’s in all the papers, walking along a Caribbean beach with her new lover at her side.

Inflate it like Beckham

“Pride and Passion,” says the Mail, introducing its Page 3 English rose of the day. The headline is a play on Knightly’s role in the film Pride and Prejudice, a part that has caused her to be nominated for an Oscar.

And the topless man by her side is her new boyfriend Rupert Friend, who stars in the film as the treacherous Mr Wickham.

The Mail can’t help but notice them kissing on the beach. And the Express (“So flighty Miss Knightly”) looks on as they kiss once more, this time in the blue sea.

The Sun is also touched by the sight of “KEIRA IN LOVE”, looking on as she and her “hunk” “frolic” in the surf. Says an onlooker: “Keira and Rupert looked very much in love.”

That they do. But the Star spots something else. Ever searching out the angle, hunting for the scoop, the paper surveys the scene with a critical eye. It stares. It might even leer.

And it brings the news that friends of the star are so tired of hearing Keira moaning about her lack of chest that they are buying her a boob job for her 21st birthday next month.

As the paper says, there could be a lot more for Rupert to get hold of “when the Pirates of the Caribbean beauty takes delivery of her new treasure chest”.

And the Star whips out its telescope…’

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