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by | 24th, February 2006

‘“I KNOW WHO RAPED ULRIKA,” say the Star’s headline, and we are intrigued.

Ulrika helped Abi become the woman she is today

To recap: professional blonde Ulrika Jonsson, who before the arrival of Sven Goran Eriksson was the most famous Swede living in the UK, penned an autobiography in which she said a star had attacked her.

The world gasped. We waited to find who had dared lay unwelcome hands on former weather girl Ulrika’s occluded fronts. And then live on air Ulrika told us.

John Leslie’s career was in ruins. The former Blue Peter presenter was sacked from his job on ITV’s This Morning, a move that he now says made him look guilty.

And one thing he is not is guilty. Sure, after Ulrika’s outburst, the Star says 30 women came forward to make accusations against him, but he can explain. “I know this sounds pig-headed but I think the majority of the women who I had met who went to the papers were those I hadn’t called back and were pissed off.”

Before we can ask Leslie to name names, and enquire how many he thinks make up a majority, the Star hears him speak about that alleged assault on Ulrika.

Leslie says he did date Ulrika, going out with her for two or three months. The blonde was living in a hotel room in the Swiss Cottage area of London at the time.

Leslie recalls visiting her one afternoon. “I came up and bought flowers and then left, because she was ill and cancelled the date. But there was no sex.”

All this paints Leslie in a decent light. He visits his sick lover. He takes her flowers. He’s no longer the man pictured apparently snorting cocaine and starring in a hardcore home orgy with one Abi Titmuss (the former nurse is pictured in the Star “peeling off to a raunchy bikini for a cooling shower”).

It’s Leslie the gent. It’s Leslie the carer. What it is not is Leslie the rapist. But if it wasn’t Leslie who assaulted Ulrika, who was it?

“There was a number of people who it could have been. All the men who’d been to Swiss Cottage,” says Leslie.

Indeed, Leslie says the reason he and Ulrika split was because of another man. Leslie won’t tell us who this man is but does say that we would have heard of him.

This sounds like a challenge. We need to discover the identity of this new man. Perhaps we should just ask Ulrika? Or just patiently wait until she’s decides to plug the second part of her life’s story…’

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