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by | 27th, February 2006

‘“JUST look at that, it’s beautiful isn’t it? All those fields and trees…you can’t see another house for miles.” It is isolation of a splendid sort. And it is where Vinnie Jones lives.

‘How green is my f***ing valley, you t**t!’

To illustrate just how remote and rural Jones’s Hertfordshire home on the outskirts of London is the footballer tuned actor has dressed up for the part in a swathe of green tweed.

From his green hat to his green jacket, green trousers and walking stick (with a dog’s heads and lolling tongue carved onto the top), Jones is the epitome of the wealthy landowner.

“Shall I give you the tour?” he asks. Too right. You don’t think Hello! has schlepped out from the steaming metropolis to look at trees, however far off they are. Hello! wants to see indoors.

Keeping up with La Jones, Hello! catches up with the hardman who’s starred – ok, featured – in 28 films to date. He’s in the lounge, sat on a white leather sofa. The lounge also features a fireplace, pelmets and enough beige carpet to put the Sahara to shame.

Then Vinnie is in the study. You can tell a lot about a man by the state of his office, and Vinnie’s is very ordered, clean and clutter free. It’s immaculate. As is Vinnie, who has now changed into a pink shirt with blue stripes.

We don’t get to see the games room, where he plans to put a pool or the cabin that will one day house Vinnie’s guns. But we do see the bedroom. It’s got white furniture and a beige floor.

And through the window, you can see some trees. Green ones.’

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