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I Knew You Were Waiting

by | 28th, February 2006

‘THERE now follows a cautionary tale about the dangers of using cannabis. And to keep the yoof interested, it’s got a celebrity face.

‘Room service’

The face belongs to George Michael, although it’s hard to make out behind that balaclava.

As the Star reports (“He trawled hotel in balaclava for sex”), the singer got into difficulties while on a night out in the Hilton London Metropole hotel.

A hotel source tells the paper how George was found wandering the corridors dressed in his hood looking for the room of a man he’d met in a bar and arranged to meet.

George could remember that his assignation was to take place on the fifth floor, but not which room. So he began knocking on a door. Only it wasn’t the right one and the resident, on seeing a man in a balaclava at his door, called security.

Not long after, Michael returned to the scene without his headgear and once more knocked on the same door. Again the resident called security. Guards arrived and apprehended Michael, who is reported to have offered the time honoured defence: “Is this the Hilton?”

The story goes that Michael was then escorted from the premises to his car. But where was it? “He couldn’t even remember where he parked his car,” says a guard.

For anyone interested in witnessing what might well be evidence of the effects of cannabis use on the short-memory, the source says that the entire conversation was caught on CCTV.

Indeed, Michael himself might care to obtain a copy of the exchange, if only to offer some explanation as to why he was slumped at the wheel of his motor the other day – might it be argued by his brief that having found his car, the last thing Michael wanted to do was to lose it again. Best stay put. Sleep in it if he must.

And Michael’s done it before. Over in the Sun, “scared fan” Natalie Griffith recalls the time four months ago when she found the signer slumped at the wheel of his car, a black Range Rover (you might like to make a note of that, George).

Apparently, the car was stopped in Primrose Hill, that enclave of celebrity shenanigans. Loud music was blasting from the car’s stereo. Understandably concerned, Natalie and her boyfriend opened the car door.

“I got a total shock when we saw it was George,” says Natalie. “He had an unlit roll-up in his mouth which looked like a spliff.” She goes on: “We turned the music off and took the key out, and my boyfriend took the roll-up out of his mouth.”

But still Michael would not wake up. So Natalie did the same as that passerby who saw George in a similar state in the early hours of last Sunday and called the police. The cops arrived. Michael woke up with “a lurch”. And that was it. Natalie and her boyfriend were moved on and never got to learn what happened next.

But we’re interested to find out. So perhaps George can tell us – if he can remember…’

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