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A Hip Hop & A Prayer

by | 28th, February 2006

‘EAT yer heart out Cliff Richard. There’s a new star of religious pop on the scene. And he’s got something to say.

Get your hooks in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t care

Take it away MC Hamza: “I was born to be a solider, Kalashnikov on my shoulder, Peace to Hamas and Hezbollah, That’s the way of the lord Allah.”

Great rhyming stuff. And it gets better when the Sun tells us that the rapper, whose stage name AL-ansary means lion, is Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, Abu Hamza’s oldest child.

Having launched all-boy band Lionz Of Da Dezert last year, Mostafa is following in the footsteps of Brian McFadden, Ronan Keating and many others and aiming for solo success.

“I think I can easily make more than a million,” says he. “A million is nothing.” Indeed, as he tells the paper it was not too long ago that he made £300 at a gig by flogging branded T-shirts and key rings.

While we can only imagine how many branded Kalashnikovs Mostafa could flog at one of his concerts, the singer says: “I guarantee you, my music will be popular all over the Middle East.”

Mostafa aims to be the voice of a region. His English might not be da best, but as he says: “I can sing in Asia – as well as in Turkish, Arabic and English.”

And when it comes to the videos, he has no worries there, either. “Helicopters, tanks, planes. I can fly and drive them.” And if you want pyrotechnics, Mostafa has it covered: “If I’m stuck in a place where I really want to escape I can make something up using sugar and stuff.”

And that’s not something Cliff Richard can say – let alone rap…’

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