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Baby Fat

by | 28th, February 2006

‘“AMERICANS are okay with being FAT!” says the Enquirer, and we are glad. But it forgets to add the qualifier: “but not all of them are.”

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

While many Americans are still chewing over the Enquirer’s news that, according to a survey, only 24 per cent of their countrymen say they find “heavy” people less attractive than their thin brethren – that figure down from 55 per cent in 1986 – we spot one of the skinny ones.

It’s Angelina Jolie, and news is that “YOU’RE BABY’S AT RISK”.

Billed as “waif-like”, the Enquirer hears doctors say that Jolie is too thin. Apparently, the actress had gained just 12lbs during pregnancy thus far, and should pile on 30lbs for a full-term pregnancy.

While millions of American women, and many hopeful men, wonder if they are carrying twins, triplets or more, a friend of Jolie’s says the star has been told to bulk up.

“She has been told she must eat more,” says the pal. “She is naturally slim but has been looking increasingly boney latterly.”

Interesting. But the Enquirer is nothing if it is not thorough and it invites Dr Mary Jane Minkin to give us a second opinion.

“Many Hollywood stars have body issues (and) the implications of low weight can be serious,” says Dr Minkin knowingly. “There can be real danger to the baby if Angelina doesn’t get enough calories into her body.”

Like acne and male thongs, calories are one of life’s great levellers. As Dr Minkin says: “Nobody is too important to take care of their baby.”

Unless you are Jolie, of course – who already takes care of adopted children Maddox and Zahara…’

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