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Mirror, Signal, Mirror

by | 3rd, March 2006

‘IF you are reading this while driving, note that your rear fog lights are on. Also note that this might be the last thing you see before you plough into that… Oops! Too late.

At least the rest of you women drivers will please try to ensure that the rear fog light on your vehicle is turned off. It’s on. The light on the dashboard says so.

Problem is that the dashboard has more lights than a Bon Jovi concert. It’s hard to know which light is which and what they all mean.

The Mail reports on a survey by the AA which found that 58 per cent of women did not know what the rear fog light symbol meant. That’s 14 per cent more than men.

And 33 per cent of womankind did not recognise the handbrake light. Thirty-nine percent of women could not identity the beam indicator, against 28 per cent of men.

Lloyd East, a general manger at the AA, is appalled. He says it’s “worrying” that so many female drivers don’t know what the symbols on the dashboard mean. “Ignoring an unfamiliar warning light – even if the car seems to be performing normally – could cost you thousands,” says he.

A spokesman for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says drivers “have a responsibility” to familiarise themselves with the dashboard.

And to the Mail’s mind it all “reinforces the controversial reputation as women as poor drivers”. Does it? Surely not. In not looking at all those lights and trying to absorb so much onboard information the female driver has her eyes fixed on something yet more vital – the road.

And for purposes of identification, that’s the hard black thing on the ground beneath the “wheels”.’

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