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by | 6th, March 2006


A selection of things that will kill you and yours from last week’s paper of doom…


Cannabis might turn you into a homosexual rock star – George Michael arrested on suspicion of possessing Class C drugs


“BACK ON THE MOVE” – “Doctors warned Lynn she faced arthritis at 30. The cure? They would replace her worn-out knee joint – using cartilage taken from a corpse” – Lynn Scott tells us about her operation

“SLEEPING SICKNESS” – “Everyone complains about it. But feeling tired all the time isn’t just a symptom of modern life…you could have a real illness”

“Ban the French chicks. Experts call for a block on poultry imports to protect Britain from bird flu virus” – The foie gras is off, mes amis


“Does using deodorants raise breast cancer risk?” – Molecular biologist Dr Phillipa Darbre thinks there might be a link

“Fear for pets as bird flu kills a domestic cat” – Berlin scientist Michael Schmidt says best not to take your cat to bed with you

“Potter ‘can lead to the Devil’” – Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, says: “You start off with Harry Potter, who comes across as a likable wizard, but you end up with the Devil” – Priest ruins the Potter finale

‘Arthritis pain killer could double the risk of heart attack” – Doubts over Celecoxib, which became the top painkiller for arthritis sufferers after Vioxx was withdrawn from the market over safety fears

“Danger dance drug that may soon sweep the UK” – Methamphetamine is the new thing (again)


“Butterfly population falls 30pc in a decade” – Climate change and new housing blamed. Butterfly flu ruled out…for now

“Alive and kicking, no thanks to doctors” – Reader Shirley Cadwell remembers when her mum fell ill and ended up in hospital. Mother and daughter survived the ordeal

“Cats dumped by Germans in panic over bird flu death” – Cats get the boot after a moggy infected with bird flu dies on a German island

“Soft drink cancer link” – Benzene – a chemical “linked” to leukaemia – has been found in a number of products

“THE WRINKLIEST LINK” – “Her facelift made her the envy of countless middle-aged women. Two years on, age appears to have caught up with Anne Robinson. This former editor of Cosmopolitan [Marcelle D’Argy Smith] says radical cosmetic surgery is always futile”


“10PC of breast cancer treatment is ‘needless’” – So say researchers at Malmo University’

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