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by | 6th, March 2006

‘KEIRA Knightly might have failed to win the best actress Oscar, but she is in line to star as the new face of Chanel. And that means taking over from Kate Moss.

As a Chanel insider tells the Express: “There is no doubt at Chanel that Kate is gorgeous, but Keira is gorgeous and well-behaved, which is exactly the kind of image we like to project.”

Indeed. In times of stress Knightly reaches for the tea pot, while it is rumoured Moss prefers an altogether different kind of pick me up.

“COKE FIEND,” screams the Sun on its front page. “She snorted cocaine in Nelson Mandela’s house.”

This salacious headline is accompanied by a shot of Moss (black top – possibly Chanel) and a table laden with four lines of a white powder.

Inside the paper, over a double-page spread, the Sun “blows the lid on the sleazy drug-fuelled world” in which Moss once circulated.

Readers learn that the cover shot was not taken at Mandela’s official residence, but at the Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, back in 1998.

That was some time ago, and readers are forgiven for thinking that this is hardly breaking news. We are already aware of Moss’s link with cocaine and of her recent battle to clean up her act. What’s the scoop?

Well, according to model booker Gavin Maselle, during a formal evening at the Mandela mansion, Moss yanked him into a toilet and snorted a line of cocaine.

“She was insatiable,” says Gavin. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We were there in Mandela’s house in the Bishop’s Court area of Cape Town – and Kate was doing coke.”

It is all so incredible. As we have said many times on these pages, the news of a model taking cocaine is as shocking as it is unbelievable. But the evidence against Moss is stacking up…’

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