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Fried Egg

by | 7th, March 2006

‘ALL this talk of dresses puts us in the mood for news of Kate Moss, one of the world’s premier wearer’s of dresses and, indeed, many other kinds of clothes.

A bad egg

And, happily, the Sun has news of Kate on its front page. “KATE’S OFF HER EGG,” says the headline. “She smuggled date rape drug in £65k case.”

The paper has it that Moss travelled the globe with a stash of Rohypnol secreted inside a jewel-encrusted Fabergé egg.

This is Day Two of the Sun’s “sensational Kate revelation”, and once again we hear from Gavin Maselle, a member of Moss’s “inner sanctum” (surely the Moss Posse).

“She took two Rohypnol pills,” says gay Gavin in what might be breathless tones. “We then lay on her bed chatting, then she passed out.”

An that’s not all this versatile vial held. Maselle notes that on one occasion the blue egg was crammed with 2gms of cocaine and ecstasy tablets.

For those of you who want to know more, Gavin spends two pages talking about how Kate did cocaine and took the date rape drug the night before she was due to attend a do at Nelson Mandela’s mansion in South AFrica.

Avid readers of these pages may recall hearing a similar story as long ago as yesterday when a certain Gavin Maselle told us that Moss took cocaine at Nelson Mandela’s mansion in South Africa.

And what with this being Day Two of “KATE’S SHAME”, the Sun may yet again choose to contact Maselle and ask him what else he knows.

And perhaps Maselle won’t be able to break what looks like fast-developing into a life-changing habit and start telling us about the time he was with Kate Moss and she took cocaine in Nelson Mandela’s mansion in South Africa…’

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