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Heading For A Fall

by | 8th, March 2006

‘CAN you trust a bird? What about something as flat and ordinary as a pigeon?

Fighting dirty

Phil Harrison has just discovered that maybe birds are not as bad as the papers’ have led us to believe. Perhaps birds are not all set to do us down with a deadly virus.

The Star reports that when a pet hawk belonging to Phil’s friend Alan Webster escaped and flew to a disused mill in Clekheaton, West Yorkshire, the pair gave chase.

They spotted the escapee, and Phil decided to climb a chimney and recapture it. Up high, he managed to grab the hawk. And then disaster struck. The metal pole Phil was using for support collapsed under his weight. Down he fell…onto a six-inch-deep pool of pigeon poo.

“Lucky” Harrison broke his back in the fall, and needed to be pulled free by firemen.

“It’s amazing to think that Phil’s life has been saved by a few inches of bird droppings,” says Alan.

Indeed it is. But perhaps we should consider why Phil was up so high in the first place. Did the birds save Phil? Or did the birds set Phil up for a fall?

Is this an example of man and bird co-existing in harmony, or a cautionary tale of things to come?’

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