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Bad Karma

by | 9th, March 2006

‘COMPLETING our courtroom round up, the Sun spots “DOPEY GEORGE” in New York.

Boy George denies applying make-up while driving

No, not George Michael, another dopey George – George O’Dowd, better known to you as Boy George, the Culture Club singer and the world’s most poptastic Hasidic Jew.

The Sun spots George leaving a New York court after being ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation programme.

Back in October 2005, George had called the cops and said that there was a burglar in his Manhattan flat. Police arrived and allegedly found 13 small bags of cocaine on the premises.

The singer claimed that the cocaine belonged to other people who had been attending a party at his place. Nonetheless, as the Mirror reports, George was arrested for drugs possession.

But the drug charge was dropped in a plea bargain. The deal stipulates that George will go to a drugs rehab clinic and do five days community service, which, as his agent says, could involve a DJ session to raise money for Aids.

And he will have a criminal record, having pleaded guilty to wasting police time.

But why did he do it? Why did George call police to his apartment? What was Pete Doherty doing last Tuesday? And who is that other George in the balaclava?’

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