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Brand Beckham

by | 10th, March 2006

‘IS there anything we don’t know about Posh and Becks? We’ve seen them at work, at play, in the back seat of a car and read thrilling insights into their amazing life together in autobiographies and glossy magazines.

What does Loos have to hide?

We have been left in no doubt that Victoria and Day-vid are deliciously happy and so very much in love.

Problem is, dissenting voices have wondered what it is they are in love with. Could they adore less each other and more the fame and cash their relationship brings? Are they a mere product?

The couple’s former nanny Abbie Gibson thought so. In an article in the News of The World, entitled “Posh and Becks on Rocks”, Gibson said the Beckhams’ marriage was a sham. They “cynically and hypocritically” sought to present an untrue image of their marriage to the public for financial reasons.

They were Brand Beckham, and we were the consumers, lapping up their sugary tales of love, more love and matching leather jackets to the point of nausea.

The Beckhams were appalled and aghast. They had been libelled. They would take the paper and the nanny to court, and they would win. As Posh said: “We do not deny that we promote ourselves as a happily married couple. We say that because it is true.”

And then, with the hearing scheduled for June, the Mail brings news that the Beckhams have changed their minds. They will not be taking the stand. The case has been dropped.

The paper says that so “desperate” were the couple to stop the action they agreed to pay the newspaper’s legal costs. Anything more than that will remain a mystery – matters have been settled on a “confidential basis” and both parties have agreed to never discuss the terms of the agreement.

That said, it is still hard to believe Posh passed up the chance to tell a captive audience in court how utterly in love she and Day-vid are. The great entertainer had a crowd – and she wouldn’t even have to sing.

But it is not to be. The judges can stand down. David’s ex-PA Rebecca Loos – that’s her naked backside on the Star’s cover page and enhanced chest on show inside the paper – can relax. So too can beautician Danielle Heath and model Esther Canada (both pictured in various states of undress). Your alleged flings with the footballer will not be investigated under fierce cross-examination.

Problem is that the rumours continue. Rebecca Loos has never changed her story that she slept with Beckham, and Heath has stuck by hers.

One source tells the paper that the Beckham marriage has “very real problems”. A family friend of the Beckhams says: “They are at each other’s throats the whole time and they barely speak to each other. Victoria is so unhappy that she is seriously contemplating getting out.”

And perhaps having her day in court – divorce court…’

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