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Tough Love

by | 10th, March 2006

‘“I ‘LOVE’ Kate 4 eva.” The spelling is not flawless, but this is Pete Doherty, and his message, scrawled in black marker pen on the window of his gold Jaguar, is no less sincere for it.

Writing wrongs

Pete just loves Kate Moss. And Kate just luvs acupuncture. There she is in the Sun, showing the world her ear in which medics have administered the Oriental needle treatment.

Poor old Pete. While he’s hung up on Moss, she’d rather stick needles in her ears than go out with him. Life can be cruel.

But all is not lost. Having failed to grasp Ozzy Osborne’s quivering hand of help – the old rocker and shaker has offered to help Doherty kick drugs – another star is advertising her services.

The Star says that “rehab addict” Courtney Love has met with Doherty’s former Libertine’s bandmate Carl Barat, and he has asked her to help his mate.

“I’LL CURE DOHERTY’S DEMONS,” says the headline above a shot of Doherty biting on a cigarette and another of Love sat in the backseat of a car.

A source says that Love “sees herself in Pete” and doesn’t want him to end up like Kurt Cobaine, her former husband who committed suicide.

As Love says: “Someone needs to tell you what an ass you’re being – and you need to listen.”

And, like Moss, Doherty is all ears…’

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