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Me And My Drugs

by | 13th, March 2006

‘CAREER stalled? Stuck in the same old rut of appearing on reality TV shows and nodding your head on 100 Best TV Socks?

You up there, Mr Mandela?

Don’t worry. Help is at hand. What you need is a drugs story.

Before he was, allegedly, found in possession of drugs, George Michael was invisible, just another man in a balaclava.

Boy George slunk into a New York courthouse a forgotten man. He came out with an order to attend a drugs rehabilitation programme and a renewed fame.

The adventures of cocaine Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have hardly harmed their careers: Kate continues to wear clothes and Doherty’s music is an irrelevance to his rich career as pop’s favourite “f***wit”.

So some on, celebs, tell us your drugs stories and we’ll see you get a mention in the Press.

Come on, Danniella Westbrook, former EastEnders actress and a women who nose (sic) a thing or two about drugs. The Sun is listening. What’s your drugs story, Danni?

Danniella says she snorted cocaine minutes after giving birth to her son Kai. In her autobiography, The Other Side of Nowhere, Danni says she staggered from the delivery room to take drugs.

She also smoked crack while pregnant with daughter Jodie. And once took so much cocaine she passed out. “My skin had gone green and my lips were blue. Kai was begging me to wake up.”

And wake up she did. And she remained awake long enough to pen her life’s story and tell us all about those drugs.

Problem is that all drugs stories are not the same. Tales of rockers and models getting off their faces in recording studios and their cars go with the territory.

A story of a mother taking cocaine in front of her toddler is sad, pathetic and unlikely to curry much favour.

It is unlikely to get Danni a modelling contract, a recording deal or even a job in Bridlington’s Christmas pantomime. But it might sell one or two books…’

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