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You Are Who You Meet

by | 13th, March 2006

‘DO you want to know how Kerry Katona has managed to slim down to a size 8, losing three stone since her glory days in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle?

Mum’s been to Iceland – and she’s come back with a new boyfriend

You might think you already know. You might think Kerry’s divorce from former Westlife singer Brian McPadding, and the associated stress, played a part; that the glamorous life of one of Warrington’s top dozen celebrity mums leaves no time for food; that being the face if Iceland supermarkets puts you off eating. But you would be wrong.

Kerry has lost weight because she is good pals with Dr Gillian McKeith, the woman with that doctorate in Holistic Nutrition from the, er, esteemed American Holistic College of Nutrition (USA). McKeith, herself a TV star, has placed Kerry on a strict diet.

It’s amazing what healthy eating and going to the gym for two hours every day with a personal trainer can do for Kerry’s figure. Dr Gillian truly is a marvel.

Oh, and there are the antibiotics Kerry has been on for two weeks. Since these don’t mix too well with booze, Kerry’s not been drinking. Not that she drinks much, even if she did have few glasses of champagne on a recent night out and

And then there’s Mark Croft, a cab driver – no, it wasn’t his cap Kerry dived into. He’s the new man in Kerry’s life, and Kerry is surprised she hasn’t shed another two stone working out with him. Kerry says sex is a good way to exercise and burn off the calories.

Another way to lose weight is to fall victim to postnatal depression. Kerry notes that her pal Natasha Hamilton had that. She got “really skinny” says OK!. Kerry had prenatal depression, which doesn’t burn the fat in the same way.

But not to worry – she still has Dr Gillian…’

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