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Out Of Pocket Money

by | 14th, March 2006

‘HOW much does a baseball hat cost? And while you’re investigating that, check out the prices on white vests and trainers.


We are struggling to come to terms with the Star’s headline that ferret-faced Kevin Federline has spent £26million of Britney Spears’ £60m fortune.

And it cannot go on. The Star hears a Spears insider say that though the singer has made lots of money she has “only” earned around £1million since her pregnancy.

And for an out-of-work dancer/rapper like Kevin that’s barely enough to keep him in Vanilla Ice CDs.

So Britney has put Kevin on a budget. She is giving him £250 a week pocket money.

As the paper’s insider says, Kevin will be given the cash for clothing, nightclubs and drinks. And as long as leaves himself with enough money for the night bus home, he should be fine. Because any big items like cars will need to be approved by his wife.

So no more homes (£16m on residences in Malibu, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, Manhattan), private jets (£7m), cars and bikes (a £100,000 Hummer, a £70,000 Range Rover and a £25,000 Harley Davidson) and gambling (he is said to have blown £3m on gaming tables).

And then there is the £1m the paper says Britney has spent on a recording studio at the couple’s Malibu home so he can rehearse for pop greatness.

Of course, this last splurge is really a prudent investment, and we are sure that when Kevin’s recording career explodes, Britney will get her money back, and then some.’

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