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Home Sickness

by | 15th, March 2006

‘“WAD A SPONGER,” says the Star’s front page, and we wonder if we should applaud “super-scrounger” layabout Mick Philpott, 49, who has fathered 15 children by five different mothers and wants “YOU” to pay for a bigger council house for him and his tribe.

Surely we can find somewhere for Mick and his tribe to live

He is the “DADDY OF ALL SCROUNGERS”, receiving £25,000 a year in benefits and paying just £68 a week in rent on a three bedroom house in Allenton, Derby.

But the family domicile is not big enough. Chez Philpott is full to bursting with Phil’s wife Mairead, 25, and the couple’s four children (Dwayne, Jesse James, John and Jack), and his lover Lisa Willis, 22, and her and Mick’s three children (Jade Louise, Shareen and Katrina). To complete the picture, Lisa is pregnant by Mick (that’s child No. 15). And Mick sleeps in a tent in the garden.

While we marvel at Mick’s capacity for parenting, and note how sleeping under the stars is good for the male sperm count, the man himself talks to the Sun.

“I used to love my country but I’m just sick of it now,” says Mick, who has had his application for a bigger council house turned own. “I’m really ashamed of what’s happening. Britain is going down the pan.”

He’s right. How can it be that a popular father figure has to live in cramped quarters when there are empty rooms and homes the length and breadth of the land?

With so little space to move in, it is little wonder Mick has sired so many kids, being forced to take advantage of what space he can get.

And it only gets worse when Mick’s other children – David, Richard, Michela, Mikey, Aiden and Joshua – come to visit with their assorted mums. It’s “intolerable”, says Mick. And what is more, it is unfair and cruel to the dog (a pet labrador called Goldie).

It is, as the Express says it is on its front page, “SHAMELESS”. How can such a thing exist in modern Britain?

As Ann Widdecombe tells the paper: “This man beggars belief. It’s the most preposterous thing I have ever heard of and it is a good argument for bringing back the workhouse” – or at least converting it into a home for poor Mick and his family…’

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