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Family Values

by | 15th, March 2006

‘FOR sale: 98-yar-old women. White. Widowed (husband Vincente Minnelli died in 1986.) Teeth and hair optional. Offers in the region of $3.5 million.

Knock! Knock!

That’s real value for money, working out the right side of $36,000 for each year of Lee Minnelli’s experience and wisdom.

And if that’s not enough and should you want more – and we’re robbing ourselves here, we really are – we will throw in a four-bedroom house which sits in an acre of land close to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Now, we cannot say fairer than that.

And already the house is sold. Happy days for vendor Liza Minnelli, who was left the home in her father’s will. And papa Minnelli also bequeathed his daughter the aforesaid stepmother, who is to remain the house for the duration of her natural life.

But now the house and its contents (Lee) have been sold to people who are waiting patiently for the day they can take possession.

How long the wait will be we cannot say. Such are the marvels of modern medicine, the preservative powers of Los Angeles’ famous “visible air” and the elderly’s sheer bloody mindedness that Lee could be in situ for quite some time.

Although, Lee’s attorney, Tamara Green, does say, “To move Lee would be to kill her.” So if you are passing and want to knock on the door, it is up to you…’

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