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by | 16th, March 2006

‘OUR open contest to find the new face of Muslim extremism in the UK has been disappointing.

‘Come on you Spurs’

We had hoped that with no-handed, one-eyed purple people eater Abu Hamza in chokey, some bearded fundamentalist, preferably Muslim and on benefits, would step forward and take over.

Our early favourite for the vacant post of resident nutter had been Anjem Choudary. His credentials looked pretty impressive.

As the Express reports, Choudary once worked closely with Omar Bakri, the Tottenham Taliban, and has said he could see no reason why there would not be repeats of the 7/7 bombings. Better yet is the news that he has been arrested.

As the paper says, Choudary is one of five men who have been pinched for incitement to murder after the demonstration last month outside the Danish Embassy in London.

So far, so good. Trouble is, Choudary lacks that charismatic spark of lunacy that really gets the paper’s excited. And to emphasise Choudary’s failings, the Sun shows us how an expert does it. Pray be silent for the aforesaid Bakri.

Speaking from his bolthole in Beirut, the intolerant owner of a green Ford Galaxy tells the paper: “All my family – I have a large family – are coming to join me. We are even taking our cat and we are going to leave you English dogs.”

Since we Brits love dogs, that should be just fine, the tin lid on what Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, and Labour MP Andrew Dismore, see as good news.

But with Bakri gone, Hamza doing Pot Noodle (see Anorak: Off His Noodle) and Choudary not up to the task, who will be our resident Islamic loon? Send your entries to the usual address…’

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